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Cloudtrainer is your learning machine

Managing learning and development online ensures that important things like health and safety, staff training and compliance deadlines can’t be missed or lost.

At Cloudtrainer’s system works seamlessly in the background to deliver, organise and manage all your company’s training requirements, memberships and competencies for your people and provide them with a tool to manage their own learning information.

Craig Barker“I’d always been sceptical about online learning but what they provide delivers so much more than traditional training; giving me absolute confidence that people have learned what they need to before they go on site. We are committed to quality at M&S and Cloudtrainer are a genuine partner in helping us to deliver safer construction programmes around the world.”
Craig Barker Asbestos Manager, Marks & Spencer
  “Having engaged Cloudtrainer to produce a fully interactive training course for us we decided to take advantage of their fantastic Learning management Platform to use in other ares of the business. The results have been fantastic, feedback from staff great and the savings huge”
Ben Hanning MA (Hons) VetMB MRCVS, IVC
  “Cloudtrainer had to really buy into this and really work quite closely with us to make sure the detail was right but they also got our passion for the subject across in their work as well because that’s hugely important because this is a real life skill that we’re teaching so they had to have the right skill base, the actual technical ability to do it, without question they’ve got that but the more difficult thing was could they buy into our culture and could they really take our enthusiasm and put that through how they did the training and I think without question when you see the finished product they’ve done that as well. So that was the brief, two main points and i think they’ve achieved them absolutely 100%.”
Colin Smart Senior Partner, TSG Associates