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Tailored learning management system and online training

Cloudtrainer: Enterprise – Assemble your own learning machine


Cloudtrainer’s Learning Management System has been designed to give organisations of any size the tools they need to deliver quicker, easier and more effective learning in their organisation. We’ve put together our Core, Professional and Premium packages to deliver the functionality our clients need at a price that frees them to spend more time focusing on the business but your organisation need something different.

Whether you have more people that could benefit from our learning machine, you need to integrate into another business system, you need online courses developed as well or you just want to explore what’s possible, our team are on hand to help you to understand how adopting the Cloudtrainer LMS can help bring more effective learning to your organisation. Whether you have 10 people or 10,000, we’re confident we can deliver a solution that will deliver what you need.

If you would like someone from Cloudtrainer to talk to you about how learning is delivered in your organisation, just fill in the form below or get in touch by emailing and someone from our team will contact you right away.