Reach New Heights with a Cloud-Based LMS

The Rise of the LMS

Computer software has had a huge impact on every area of business. Over the last few years we have seen an increasing number of online business applications that offer powerful capabilities at a low cost. For smaller businesses, this means that business processes can be automated; giving them an edge that was previously only available to large corporates and allowing them to compete on a world stage.

The Problem: Sharing Learning in the Workplace

As internet connectivity becomes faster and more reliable, more people are able to work flexibly, making it harder than ever to effectively share learning in the workplace.

In the past, an LMS would be installed on a company server with high up-front configuration costs, specialist training for L&D teams and offer a complicated system that takes time to deliver benefit; time many companies cannot afford to risk given the high cost of implementation. This has perpetuated paper-based and spreadsheet systems for managing training that are hugely labour intensive and challenging to keep accurate.

The Solution: a Cloud-Based LMS

A modern, cloud-based LMS is different. Thanks to cloud LMS, SME companies and corporates have a huge amount of flexibility to automate learning processes, reduce the cost of training your people and more reliably record who did what and when. Being in the Cloud means that the software is hosted by the LMS provider and you access the system over the internet. This removes the need for dedicated hardware and ensures you always have access to the latest version of the system software. All maintenance and upgrades are included, removing the need for a company IT team to keep the system up to date; again reducing the effort and cost involved.

The biggest benefit is in the payment model that a cloud-based LMS system works on. Rather than committing to a large up-front investment which is prohibitive to many businesses, a cloud-based provider can charge monthly for access. This allows you to trial the system at low risk and then quickly scale up as and when you need to.

Cloud-based services allow teams, departments and even whole companies to ‘dip their toe in the water’ and explore what works best for them. As their confidence and understanding grows around how learning will work in your organisation, the system can ‘grow’ with them; helping you to minimise outlay and maximise use.

A cloud LMS reduces the total cost of ownership and the best examples are easy to set-up, easy to manage and easy for staff to use. This makes it easier for a company to start to generate the benefits these systems bring; helping to share best practice or innovation internally, upskill staff and manage learning activities more effectively.

If you’re tired of disorganised and ineffective learning, browse our range of cloud-based LMS or contact us today.

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