Safety; reasons why it’s vital for the office environment

Most people would see an office as being a fairly “safe” environment; all soft chairs and no dangerous machines reversing to worry about. It’s surprising then that the HSE records more than 59,000 injuries that require more than 3 days off being reported by people in office based professions and 39,000 of those injuries result in more than 7 days off per accident. If we just look at the longer absences, that’s a staggering cost to businesses of more than £60,000,000 every year (and that’s just in wages; never mind the other costs from key people being injured). While some things are unavoidable, effective training can minimise the risk and reduce the cost to your business of an accident you could have prevented.

Online health and safety training provides a really effective way of minimising the risk to your people giving you a number of benefits that classroom based training can’t deliver:


  1. The same training every time: Buying an online course means that your people will all receive exactly the same information delivered in exactly the same way; you can have confidence that nothing was missed
  2. Deliver the training at a time that suits you: No need to get 10 people in the same room at the same time; online courses can be delivered wherever and whenever you need them
  3. Check how much your people understand: Unlike a “chalk and talk” lecture, online courses can easily test how much your team understands and (with some of the best ones) even tailor the content to match their understanding
  4. No paperwork to worry about: No need to keep attendance records, copies of certificates, records of attainment……. Everything is handled by an online system for you freeing up your time to focus on the business
  5. An auditable record of training: If anyone does have an accident (and we hope they don’t) then you will have an auditable and robust record that proves the training was delivered helping to minimise the risk of liability to your business.

We can’t prevent accidents from ever occurring but by moving your induction training online you can minimise the risk to your business while also making it easier for you to manage (a proper “win, win”).

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