Sector Spotlight: How a Hospitality LMS Could Work for You

The hospitality industry covers a wide range of different businesses with an even wider range of job roles with their own unique training requirements. From high-end restaurants and five star hotels to local pubs and B&Bs, there is a shared need to ensure that people are trained and that their training level is maintained. Successfully training every member of staff to the same high standard can be what differentiates a winning business from the rest of the pack.

This is especially relevant in hospitality where high levels of churn and seasonal peaks in staffing combine with stringent health and safety rules to create an environment that has plenty of risk within it. If a guest has a bad experience, you need to be able to prove that your business ensured that all people had adequate and appropriate training in our systems and that the systems themselves cover your legal duties.  Beyond that, effective and timely training has a massive impact on your guest experience; helping to ensure that all of your guests have a consistent, high-quality experience every time.

Why Use a Hospitality LMS?

An effective hospitality solution, learning management systems have the potential to make the process of learning easier and more consistent at a lower cost than a traditional face-to-face approach. A hospitality LMS makes it easier for your people to access the training they need, easier for you to manage compliance and easier to assure training consistency; a genuine win-win-win.

Implementing an LMS in your business is easier and more cost effective than it has ever been, with a range of online (cloud-based) providers allowing you to try before you buy and avoid high up-front charges for setting up the system. There are a range of benefits that can be generated from implementing the right LMS for your business including:

More consistent inductions

An LMS coupled with online learning ensures that every new starter receives exactly the same information in exactly the same way; reducing variation in the way your service is delivered for customers and reducing the risk of key details being missed or misunderstood.

Less time off for training

Well-designed online training can reduce the time required to train by up to 75% and allow your staff to take the course at a time that suits them. So not only do people train quicker online, the productivity hit on your business from group training is significantly reduced.

More effective record-keeping

Spreadsheets, filing cabinets and diary notes are fine but an online system which automatically updates when requirements are met, stores the proof, issues certificates and allows managers to report instantly on learning is infinitely more effective.

Less training administration

A good LMS will remind staff when training is due, notify managers if qualifications are due to expire and automatically handle tracking, testing and certification. All of this helps to reduce the admin burden and reduce the risk of training being missed.

More accessible training

By moving learning online and making other training resources available on your LMS you make it easier for your people to access training content while a system that allows you to create your own training gives all staff more, more relevant training to build on their skills.

Less mistakes

Ultimately, by delivering more effective and more consistent training to your staff via the LMS they will make fewer mistakes in service delivery; giving an instant uplift to your bottom line. Fewer mistakes means more, happier customers as well as happier, more productive staff.

Learning management systems have been successfully implemented in a range of hospitality businesses but, until recently, they have tended to be in larger, more corporate organisations. To bring this technology to smaller businesses, Cloudtrainer has developed a range of cost-effective LMS. Thanks to these systems, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels can now manage the training of their staff at the click of a button. Contact us today or register for your 30-day free trial.

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