Why take your asbestos awareness course with Cloudtrainer?

Our course has been developed by Health and Safety experts in partnership with one of the leading authorities on asbestos in the UK

More cost effective

At just £25 (+VAT) per person you can provide all of your people with industry-leading training for up to 80% less than an equivalent classroom course.

Quick and easy

The whole process is fully automated (from purchase through to certification) making it easy to get you and the people you work with certified

Complete control

We provide you with a training account; allowing you to control who accesses the training, see who has completed it (and who is in progress) so you can easily manage the whole process for you and your people

Learn at your own pace

Unlike other training courses, you can leave the training and rejoin at the point you left so, if something urgent comes up, you can “pause” and pick up again at a time that suits you

Learn more quickly

Classroom or ‘on-premise’ training can take up to half a day; our course takes less than an hour to complete with better learning outcomes for you and your people

Accessible 24-7

You and your people can access our training at any time of day, 365 days a year so you get to train at a time that suits you (so you don’t need to all be in the same room at the same time)

Interactive and engaging

Unlike a lot of training, Cloudtrainer’s course seamlessly blends interactive tests, traditional questions and on-screen presenters to genuinely ‘replace’ the experience of classroom training in a fraction of the time.

Instant certification

As soon as a person passes a Cloudtrainer course, their certificate is emailed to them; allowing you and your people to prove competence instantly (so you won’t ever have to wait for it to be posted to you)

IATP approved

IATP certification is one of the most widely recognised approving bodies; giving your clients and suppliers confidence in the competence of you and your people

Retake included

We know that not everyone is used to training online so every licence comes with a free-of-charge retake included (although most of the people taking our training never need to use it) so there should be no nasty surprises for you or your bank account.

Buying a Cloudtrainer asbestos awareness course for your business will give you confidence that you are meeting your obligations while providing you with a range of additional benefits. Click on “Purchase now” to buy your IATP approved asbestos awareness training with Cloudtrainer.

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